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Mecha: Behind The Scenes

f you’ve ever wondered how a Mecha comes to be, GoRiLLaWeR had the same thought. Hence his “FINAL ASSEMBLY” model. [MORE]

Brickworld 2011: The UPS Of The Future

Ka-GO has been following L D M‘s work on this MOC since this blog began. That’s how intriguing of a creation it is. It means so much to me that I actually employ my Jedi powers to try to get you to witness all facets of this inspired and inspiring vignette. [MORE]

LEGO Designer Mark Stafford Pulls The Curtain Back

The Brothers Brick reminds us of their highly informative interview with LEGO Designer Mark Stafford and points the way to a new conversation with him via Comunidade 0937 [MORE]

BTB: “Built Tonka Tough®” Redefined

Karf Oohlu‘s been a busy AFOL, tinkering away with a massive project that demonstrates the value of editing one’s work. Ka-GO tried to get a solid interview about the beastly MOC known as The Tonka Truck; this is the result. [MORE]

“Slushley Wood”, Anyone?

…in which our editor compares two fantastic artists, each working in a separate creative medium, while making clear aesthetic connections that others may see or could otherwise find completely insane or even offensive. Yeah, we’re talking about The Slushey One‘s awesome Vertical Tank being reminiscent of the work of Ashley Wood. Check it. [MORE]

BTB: Checkmate! How The Rook Won The Match

In what amounts to be one of the most extensive Behind The Build interviews to date, Rook offers an unprecedented insider’s look into one of the most intricate MOCs out there, a project aptly entitled “The ROOK“. The interview features exclusive photos of the building process and the many smaller vehicles and sculptures that are hidden in this gigantic space complex. [MORE]

Because He’s Holding A Thermal Detonator…I Think.

bermudafreze‘s brick-built balls are a bounty of badass, ball-building business, baby. Booyah!!! [MORE]

It Wears Big Gloves

Yet another bit of m_o_n_k_e_y-business on this fine day. This time it’s a big yellow mechanized homage—intentional or not—to “Aliens”. And yes, this mighty mech has huge hands. [MORE]

Hot Off The Press

The latest issue of Hispabrick Magazine is out and it’s jam-packed with some really great articles. The best part? You can read it instantly…for free!

BTB: Dropping The F-bomb

Nannan Z talks about Dropping the F-bomb without actually dropping the F-bomb, not to mention a pretty good lesson in MOC photography. UPDATE: This post also includes a video interview of Nannan featuring shots of his vast collection. [MORE]