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X Marks the Spot

jaypercent has captured the likeness in these classic minifigs of Marvel mutants that one might, at first glance, mistake for no-holds-barred custom jobs. But upon closer inspection, you’ll see that the genejoke’s on you, because these bad boys are completely purist. [MORE]

The Hero Factory Hulk is Now Truly Incredible

NorbyZERO has done Jack Kirby proud by reworking TLC’s Hero Factory Hulk figure into something worthy of being called the Incredible Hulk. (Seriously, the original was pretty weak. Thank the New Gods and Asgardians for this redesign.) [MORE]

“Where does he get all those wonderful toys?”

Ka-GO contributor, Cygnet UD, has been a busy little Alfred armoring minifigs with outfits worthy of The Dark Knight. Thanks to him, now we all can have Batman and Batgirl minifigs from almost every era and Elseworld. [MORE]

A Brick-Built Mental Organism Designed Only For Killing!

SPARKART! is treating us all to some Marvel Comics madness with this little MOC. Oh yes, it’s M.O.D.O.K., the Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing heroes like Captain America, S.H.I.E.L.D., and Iron Man. [MORE]

You’re A Good Brick Charlie Brown

Legohaulic sculpts us a slice of our childhood with “Good Grief“, a bricked-out Charlie Brown. There’s tons to learn from this clever little build. [MORE]

The Heroes Of My Youth Are On Their Way…

From Bricks To Bothans (FBTB) really made my decade yesterday by breaking the news of TLG’s new licenses with Marvel and DC. Between the Star Wars license and these, my nerdy childhood worlds have just collided. [MORE]

Who Knew Mandalorians Mastered These Mean Mechs?

Mandalorian Basilisk? Who knew? Apparently SpyFlops did. Check out this MOC. [MORE]

J’onn J’onzz Now Hunts Minifigs

mnap73 is at it again with this fantastic digital custom minifig of DC Comic’s Martian Manhunter. [MORE]

Epic Blog FAIL!!!

I humbly apologize for this day of Ka-GO FAIL. Server was down and only got worse when yours truly tried to fix it. Shame shame. To celebrate this fabulous turn of events, I submit this humble collection of LEGO FAIL.

When Bricks Go BAMF!

Last week, a special thing happened. I was introduced to Mike Napolitan’s digital artwork featuring LEGO minifig versions of classic comic, sci-fi, and action figure characters. As a well-rounded nerd whose dorkiness extends beyond being an AFOL, I was instantly into Napolitan fandom. Check out my brief conversation with this talented artist.