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To Wreck or Not To Wreck

SuperHardcoreDave is on a roll with this vibrant Wrecktor mech piloted by a cool Snake Person pilot. [MORE]

Mini Multipeds Make for Mighty MOCs

Izzo’s LegoStyle has fashioned some impressive little mecha with these Multipeds. [MORE]

That’s the Way to Do Oogway

madLEGOman seems to be on a quest to LEGOfy the Kung Fu Panda franchise, and recently completed an outstanding Master Oogway [MORE]

Eye of the Beholder

~Felix the Cat~ apparently is so talented, he can barf fantastic Bionicle/Hero Factory MOCs, as seen by Refuel. [MORE]


Orion Pax has fleshed out Jabba the Hutt’s throne room using the figs from 9516 Jabba’s Palace This serves as a great reminder of how far the LEGO minifig has come, largely due to the awesome customizing community. [MORE]

Gun…Dam…That’s Awesome!

ccy_8086 has blessed us with a LEGO version of Ryujinmaru that will have you zooming in to look for the well-hidden studs. [MORE]

Q: Something New? A: Yes, Something New.

SuperHardcoreDave lives up to his name with the M-ASS (Mobile Asset) Walker – Weapons Platform. [MORE]

Ship-Shape and Brickstol Fashion

Vince_Toulouse has developed a knack for making pieces just flow with one another. This is clearly the case with his HD-Racer-01, a cool ship that is both classic and forward-thinking in its clever design. [MORE]

Let’s Have A Black Celebration Tonight

This year’s Bricks by the Bay had some amazing MOCs on display, but Guardians of the Source by tigmon74 was a standout for me. This is Black Fantasy done right. [MORE]

A Ship So Clean It Hurts

The Viridian Comen has so many great things going on, not the least of which is the overall visual look and feel. Flickr user tardisblue has a built a truly unique spaceship that stands out from the pack. [MORE]