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Special Products Highlight the Minifig

The LEGO world continues to move in a direction that places the minifig in a rightfully deserved special position within TLG’s product line. At least that’s how things are looking to this writer based on the pleasant surprise of these three new product offerings at his local LEGO Store. [MORE]


The Series 3 Collect Minifig was all well and good, but nothing says King Kong like a giant ape climbing a high-rise building with a screaming blonde fig in tow. Thanks to rack911‘s new MOC, the big guy has officially arrived in AFOLville. [MORE]

Cleaning Up on CUUSOO

While some are “cleaning up” by getting a commendable 10,000+ people to pay attention to both their projects and the LEGO brand in general (many of whom aren’t dyed-in-the-wool FOLs, which I think is pretty good publicity for LEGO), it looks like The LEGO Group is quickly trying to do a little bit of “cleaning up” themselves. [MORE]

The Eye of the Tiger

jaypercent has once again captured the likeness of a classic franchise, this time taking on Sly Stallone’s Rocky films. While I’m by stretch of the imagination a purist, this FOL’s figures’ use of solely official fig parts are a great reminder that sometimes less is more. [MORE]

I ♥ Me Some Minifigs

ka.lego waxes philosophical about Collectible Minifigs and shares an über-nerdy poster image combining promo shots of each series. [MORE]

The Mimes Of Moria

Today Morgan190 takes us to Middle-Earth into the underground Haven of the Dwarves known as the Mines of Moria to introduce us to the oft-overlooked silent soldiers, the so-called Mimes of Moria, who helped battle the onslaught of orcs way back in the Second Age. [MORE]

El Hombre Do Los Muertos

Day 1 of Morgan190‘s annual 31 days of creepy minifigs brings us “El Hombre de los Muertos“, an homage to the calaveras of the Mexican cultural tradition of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). [MORE]

Gojira Tai Mekagojira

Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla” brings us all back to a time when giant beasts served as metaphors for nuclear destruction and aliens sent their own robotic beasts to show that their monsters are better than ours. Thank you very much, onosendai2600. [MORE]

“How…do I turn…this…thing…ON!?!?

Xenomurphy‘s character Skip Lemington is in a bind in this photo titled “Ottoaster 2000 (brought to you by ZenoElectric)“. It’s 50s kitsch sci-fi at its best! [MORE]

A Minifigure Menagerie

Photobucket user jargoboy‘s been kind enough to share his plethora of LEGO Minifig Design Ideas for FOLs the world over to enjoy. You’ll be drooling over the possibilities. [MORE]