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The Best Solution to a Problem is Usually the Easiest One

Brickthing and [Lego Junkie] have released their collaborative Portal designs, and they’re simply brilliant. [MORE]

Extolling The Virtues Of The LEGO Octagon

As Hannibal used to say, “I love it when a plan comes together.” The ever-popular legohaulic and Nannan Z. demonstrate why they get the props they do with this legendary collaborative piece entitled “Mirage“. Beyond being a fantastic MOC, it’s a case study in great storytelling. [MORE]

If You Strike Me Down…

These Star Wars are mind-blowing. The scale…the detail… Yeah, click through or risk falling to the Dark Side of the Force. [MORE]

Throwback Jerseys Are All The Rage On Romulus

Check out the old school fashions on Romulus with this awesome Star Trek custom retro-Romulan figure by courtesy of JasBrick. Captain Kirk’s shaking in his ABS boots.