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Mecha Madness II: Day Seven

Mecha Madness II: Hardsuits is officially over and here’s the wrap-up of Day Seven. [MORE]

Mecha Madness II: Day Six

Mecha Madness II: Hardsuits is almost complete. After a slower weekend, things have seemingly picked up again. Click through to see yesterday’s Day Six entries. [MORE]

Mecha Madness II: Days Four & Five

This weekend’s entry numbers seemed to drop, but Mecha Madness II: Hardsuits continues nonetheless. Click through to see the entries from Days Four and Five. [MORE]

Mecha Madness II: Day Three

Mecha Madness II: Hardsuits continues. Day Three brought us a few new hardsuits that deserve your attention, so click through to see all the entries. [MORE]

Mecha Madness II: Day Two

Mecha Madness II continues, and here’s the Day Two offerings. Enjoy. [MORE]

Mecha Madness II: Day One

The Slushey One‘s annual Mecha Madness II kicked off yesterday with nine great hardsuit entries. View them all here. [MORE]

The Mecha Madness II + Ka-GO T-Shirt Giveaway

Are you thinking of joining The Slushey One‘s annual building challenge, “Mecha Madness II: Hardsuits“? Here’s a little incentive in addition to building a stronger AFOL community. Ka-GO is giving away two free t-shirts as well as button packages to lucky participants. [MORE]

It’s Harder Than You Think

This week is Mecha Madness II hosted by The Slushey One. In celebration of this community-building challenge, I’ve put together a gallery of my top ten favorite hardsuits. [MORE]

Get Slushey Wid It

Need something to inspire you to get MOCing? Perhaps the Mecha Madness II: Hardsuits building challenge presented by Mr. Mechanized MOC Master himself, The Slushey One, might be what you’re looking for. C’mon, you need a little fun in your life. [MORE]