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The Avengers Aren’t the Only Ones that Assemble

A P continues to flex his MOCing muscles with his ongoing fantasy narrative, this time with a shining example of castle-building in Assembling the Horde. [MORE]

Let’s See You Toss This Behemoth

I hope that Pate-keetongu starts a new MOCing trend with this Aul√ęthur Dwarfsuit mark 2.0, a wood-and-steel mecha piloted by a grumpy old dwarf. Fun-frakkin’-tastic. [MORE]

Behold the Tower of the Moon

Cuahchic has managed to build a massive-yet-detailed playset that’s just begging you take a closer look. What are you waiting for? The Tower of the Moon awaits! [MORE]

Ye Olde How-To Guide

Eurobricks Forum member Luke Watkins aka Derfel Cadarn shares his building secrets to help all of us perfect our olde school bricking game. [MORE]

Get Off My Hill!

~Antimatter~‘s powerful vignette entitled “Get off my hill!” features a goblin defending his home against a crowd of panicked knights with a gatling gun. How can you not want to see this. [MORE]

Extolling The Virtues Of The LEGO Octagon

As Hannibal used to say, “I love it when a plan comes together.” The ever-popular legohaulic and Nannan Z. demonstrate why they get the props they do with this legendary collaborative piece entitled “Mirage“. Beyond being a fantastic MOC, it’s a case study in great storytelling. [MORE]

BTB: Checkmate! How The Rook Won The Match

In what amounts to be one of the most extensive Behind The Build interviews to date, Rook offers an unprecedented insider’s look into one of the most intricate MOCs out there, a project aptly entitled “The ROOK“. The interview features exclusive photos of the building process and the many smaller vehicles and sculptures that are hidden in this gigantic space complex. [MORE]

Now That’s A Frakkin’ MOC!!!

The ROOK gives us The Rook, and what a sweet, sweet rook it is. This mega-MOC is the ultimate sci-fi LEGO playset of my childhood dreams. You must witness this creation and peruse the several shots on ROOK‘s photostream to see all the wonderful details that are elegantly crammed in.

Take A Peek At The Battlefields Of Middle-earth

Legoorci does a great job of taking us into the heart of a battle for Middle-earth in progress with “Burning Forest”. While the minifigs are great, I’m mostly captivated by this MOCs landscaping.

LegoLord Done Did A Dawn Dome

Check out LegoLord’s masterful 8-sided medieval keep, complete with ridiculously well-groomed castle grounds.