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Icons of Civilization

Matija Grguric has built a series of MOCs depicting monuments from various World Civilizations in the scale and style of the LEGO Architecture series. [MORE]

Speaking of Chinese Ceramic Roofs

BrickTW, the custom accessory house known mostly for their minifig weapons and clothing based on feudal Chinese history, is branching out into custom pieces for architectural MOCs to go along with their fig accessories. [MORE]


The Series 3 Collect Minifig was all well and good, but nothing says King Kong like a giant ape climbing a high-rise building with a screaming blonde fig in tow. Thanks to rack911‘s new MOC, the big guy has officially arrived in AFOLville. [MORE]

An Epic Realm of Brick Fantasy: No License Required

Alex P. / Sirens-of-Titan has been crafting a multi-chapter fantasy tome and building amazing MOCs as three-dimensional illustrations. If you’ve never seen this stuff, you’re missing out. [MORE]

Komakan The Museum Of The Red Devil

LegoTETUZIN may not have provided a whole lot of backstory for “Komakan, The Museum of the Red Devil” in English, but who cares? This MOC is awesome. [MORE]


bikicsmilan‘s work is definitely on a whole other level. This cathedral is a perfect example of the amazing things this builder can accomplish. [MORE]

It’s Harder Than You Think

This week is Mecha Madness II hosted by The Slushey One. In celebration of this community-building challenge, I’ve put together a gallery of my top ten favorite hardsuits. [MORE]

LegoLord Done Did A Dawn Dome

Check out LegoLord’s masterful 8-sided medieval keep, complete with ridiculously well-groomed castle grounds.