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Check Out What Was A-Skulkin’ At Brickcon

NorbyZERO continues his wearable-LEGO collection with this Skulkin Skeleton Soldier Costume displayed at this year’s Brickcon. [MORE]

Neo-Classic Space: A Mobile Mega Research Lab

This Mobile Mega Research Lab by one of the main organizers of Brickcon, Wayne Hussey, was displayed at the Seattle convention earlier this month, signalling a Neo-Classic Space Revival, of sorts. [MORE]

Freak Out At This Fantastic Fabuland Fun Fair

Flickr user Brickbaron‘s award-winning Brickcon entry, “Fabuland Fun Fair,” combines fantastic design and clever animation to bring us back to a simpler time when animal-headed minifigs roamed the baseplates. [MORE]

Brickcon’s Come And Gone

Many of us might’ve missed out on Brickcon, but thanks to the meticulous photo documentation of the event by rabidnovaracer, we can still get a piece of the action. [MORE]