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Honing One’s Craft

Brickarms‘ announcement of Railguns for BrickFair signals the dawning of a whole new era for custom accessories. [MORE]

Saturday Morning On My Mind

Having a blog is a great way to shamelessly self-promote. Heh. Here’s my proposed new theme: The Adventures of Brick Rogers: The Galactic Girl from the 5th Cenury AE [MORE]

All In All It’s Just Another Brick In The Wall

Nannan Z. has something brewing. A new vignette entitled “01” popped up on his Flickr stream that not only indicates the start of something great, but also features quite a bit of clever building. [MORE]

Who’s In Command Here?

Thanks to my time at Bricks by the Bay last month, I was able to meet the good folks at Brick Command. This prompted me to offer Ka-GO readers the same opportunity to get some insight into what things look like behind the scenes at one of the great custom accessory houses.