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Armour Like Tenfold Shields

Fat Tony 1138 has captured the likeness of the scourge of Lonely Mountain himself, Smaug the Tremendous, in this masterful Tolkien MOC. [MORE]

“In the light of the moon a little egg lay on a leaf.”

Bruce Lowell‘s tribute to Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar is both a great tribute to the book’s original artwork and a profoundly creative achievement in its own right. [MORE]

The Mimes Of Moria

Today Morgan190 takes us to Middle-Earth into the underground Haven of the Dwarves known as the Mines of Moria to introduce us to the oft-overlooked silent soldiers, the so-called Mimes of Moria, who helped battle the onslaught of orcs way back in the Second Age. [MORE]

Me Likey These Middle-earth Minifigs

6footFour takes us to Tolkien’s Middle-earth with a great set of custom, purist minifies, The Overlord and his Hobbit Shieldbearer. [MORE]

This Massive AFOL Project Could Be A Minifig Milestone

Ka-GO is eagerly awaiting the impending release of “The LEGO Minifigure Catalog“. This AFOL researched and authored database looks like it could become a definitive resource for Minifig enthusiasts, in both book and app form. [MORE]

The “Minifigure Customization” Book Is Here!!!

The long-awaited comprehensive guide to customizing those cool little LEGO folk is out today. Kaminoan‘s aptly titled Minifigure Customization: Populate Your World! is shipping today both in print and digitally. [MORE]

A Bible For The Custom Minifig Fan

Kaminoan‘s long-awaited (by me) Minifigure Customization: Populate Your World! is due out on May 11, 2011. Check out the PDF preview and pre-order your copy today!