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I’m Dreaming of a White…Uh-Oh.

The mind of Isaiah.S can get pretty creepy as evidenced by this White Fantasy creature. [MORE]

This Could Be Wriggling Inside You As I Type

Rounding out today’s Isaiah.S trifecta here on Brick Something is the Black Fantasy Parasite, a creation so uncomfortable it speaks for itself. [MORE]

A Creature Crafted with Love

Karf Oohlu is no stranger to building Lovecraftian creatures out of LEGO. He’s scored again with the Spaghetti Monster (aka “The Cthulian Star Destroyer AZATHOTH”). [MORE]

Let’s Have A Black Celebration Tonight

This year’s Bricks by the Bay had some amazing MOCs on display, but Guardians of the Source by tigmon74 was a standout for me. This is Black Fantasy done right. [MORE]