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One Person’s Nightmares…Another’s Wildest Dreams

Leave it it a FOL named Lord Oblivion the Great to unleash this Beast of Terror on the world. [MORE]

An Epic Battle at an O.C. LEGO Store

NorbyZERO has pulled two of his best MOCs together to depict an epic battle dubbed “Hulk vs. Midnight Octopus“. [MORE]

Eye of the Beholder

~Felix the Cat~ apparently is so talented, he can barf fantastic Bionicle/Hero Factory MOCs, as seen by Refuel. [MORE]

It Came from the Wasteland

Jason Corlett has created a particularly spindly character with his Wasteland Scavenger (v.3). [MORE]

The Hunter vs. The Hunted

Apocalust has created this beauty of a display for the Honolulu LEGO Store. Dueling mechish creatures rarely look this polished. [MORE]

Check Out What Was A-Skulkin’ At Brickcon

NorbyZERO continues his wearable-LEGO collection with this Skulkin Skeleton Soldier Costume displayed at this year’s Brickcon. [MORE]

“One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”

Sparkytron‘s seemingly upgraded Junkmaster 2.0 is ready for action. Bad guys and pavement beware. [MORE]

A Deity Is Born

Lord Oblivion the Great has truly outdone himself with this Deity of the Temple. [MORE]

Even Cooler Than Those Pre-fab Action Figures

~Felix the Cat~ has managed to build a better action figure—the so-called “F33-X2“—all out of LEGO. [MORE]

I Called The Witch Doctor. He Told Me What To Do.

NorbyZERO really repped Hero Factory at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con with his homage to the Hero Factory 3 big bad, a wearable Witch Doctor (Hero Factory 3) Masque. [MORE]