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Are You Down for the Kaws?

schfio‘s a true artist brickifying the work of another true artist with the LEGO X KAWS “Passing Through” Companion 8(xx)8 [MORE]

A Krylon Cylon

Day 2 of Morgan190‘s 31 days of Halloweeny minifigs brings us the “Krylon Cylon“, a fun blend of Battlestar Galactica and graffiti art supplies. [MORE]

The Yummiest Sort Of Alphabet Soup

FBTB brings yet another amazing contest to a close, as the voting commenced yesterday for their oft-referenced “Alphabet Fighter Contest“. [MORE]

When Bricks Go BAMF!

Last week, a special thing happened. I was introduced to Mike Napolitan’s digital artwork featuring LEGO minifig versions of classic comic, sci-fi, and action figure characters. As a well-rounded nerd whose dorkiness extends beyond being an AFOL, I was instantly into Napolitan fandom. Check out my brief conversation with this talented artist.