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A Custom Fig that Shoots for the Sky (with a Gatling Gun)

PEDRO-79 continues to stretch what’s possible when it comes to custom minfigs. His Post-Apocolyptic [sic] Flight Soldier is proof positive that, in the minifig custom game, the sky’s no limit at all. [MORE]

A Krylon Cylon

Day 2 of Morgan190‘s 31 days of Halloweeny minifigs brings us the “Krylon Cylon“, a fun blend of Battlestar Galactica and graffiti art supplies. [MORE]

Ye Olde Hard Suit

기사 / The Knight Hardsuit by〔Color〕is really a master class in hardsuit building. [MORE]

The Race To Arm All Brick Warriors

Get ready AFOLville, because BrickWarriors has hit the scene in a big way. Now we can all get our hands on their unique goodies via their BrickLink Store. [MORE]

Mecha Say What!?!

Freedom01 comes back after a few weeks of non-LEGO uploads to his Flickr stream to bring us a graceful yet oddly threatening mecha complete with several armor and weapon configurations. [MORE]