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Aliens Conquered Comic-Con!!!

NorbyZERO showed off his Hero Factory building skills by wearing this awesome costume of the Alien Conquest Clinger on the floor at last weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con. [MORE]

Cleaning Up on CUUSOO

While some are “cleaning up” by getting a commendable 10,000+ people to pay attention to both their projects and the LEGO brand in general (many of whom aren’t dyed-in-the-wool FOLs, which I think is pretty good publicity for LEGO), it looks like The LEGO Group is quickly trying to do a little bit of “cleaning up” themselves. [MORE]

Bring Your Cthulhu To Work Day

Morgan190 adds a touch of Monty-Python-meets-Lovecraft to his Halloween Calendar with the whimsical pair of minifigs entitled Bring Your Cthulhu To Work Day. [MORE]

Neo-Classic Space: In Search Of Uranium

This updated version of the old Uranium Search Vehicle not only manages to respectfully honor the original but also bring us into 2011. cjedwards47‘s design even fits in with recent official LEGO sets released for the Alien Conquest theme. Go Neo-Classic Space!!! [MORE]

This Dropship Doesn’t Mess Around

builder42 has been on a roll with his ongoing series of dropships. This time we’re treated to the CT-22 Lammegrier Armored Transport Dropship, a massive ship that looks like it can handle some gigantic cargo. [MORE]

LEGO Designer Mark Stafford Pulls The Curtain Back

The Brothers Brick reminds us of their highly informative interview with LEGO Designer Mark Stafford and points the way to a new conversation with him via Comunidade 0937 [MORE]

A Review To Seal The Deal On Alien Conquest

Is Alien Conquest any good? Is there anything to look forward to from this new theme from TLG? Well read this great review by WhiteFang to find out. Oh…”IMHO” and all that… [MORE]