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I’m Up to Something.

Ka-GO is now Brick Something, and if you’d like to read all about it, click through. [MORE]

A No-Brainer of a Combo

The 2012 Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention will be pairing their usual nerdy fare with LEGO goodness. it’s about time. [MORE]

Meanwhile, In Swindon, UK…

If you’re like me and missed out on this year’s Great Western LEGO Show in the United Kingdom, you’ll be glad to know that there’s an official GWLS 2011 Flickr Group highlighting many of the great models present. [MORE]

Brickcon’s Come And Gone

Many of us might’ve missed out on Brickcon, but thanks to the meticulous photo documentation of the event by rabidnovaracer, we can still get a piece of the action. [MORE]

BrickWarriors Take To The Field Of Battle

Meet BrickWarriors, the newest custom minifig accessories house to hit the scene. This interview with the mastermind behind the operation, long-time customizer Thrashq4g, gives us some insight into the group’s production process and how the entire venture came to be. [MORE]

My Best MOC Is 84 Studs High

This post has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that I love my son. Definitely my best MOC thus far. [MORE]

Mecha Madness II: Day Seven

Mecha Madness II: Hardsuits is officially over and here’s the wrap-up of Day Seven. [MORE]

Mecha Madness II: Day Six

Mecha Madness II: Hardsuits is almost complete. After a slower weekend, things have seemingly picked up again. Click through to see yesterday’s Day Six entries. [MORE]

Mecha Madness II: Days Four & Five

This weekend’s entry numbers seemed to drop, but Mecha Madness II: Hardsuits continues nonetheless. Click through to see the entries from Days Four and Five. [MORE]

Mecha Madness II: Day Three

Mecha Madness II: Hardsuits continues. Day Three brought us a few new hardsuits that deserve your attention, so click through to see all the entries. [MORE]