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One Person’s Nightmares…Another’s Wildest Dreams

Leave it it a FOL named Lord Oblivion the Great to unleash this Beast of Terror on the world. [MORE]

Special Products Highlight the Minifig

The LEGO world continues to move in a direction that places the minifig in a rightfully deserved special position within TLG’s product line. At least that’s how things are looking to this writer based on the pleasant surprise of these three new product offerings at his local LEGO Store. [MORE]

Autobots…Roll Out!!!

LEGO and Transformers fan, bricked one, has built the ultimate version of the G1 Transformers Optimus Prime that’s packed with all the details of the original toy and then some. [MORE]

Even Cooler Than Those Pre-fab Action Figures

~Felix the Cat~ has managed to build a better action figure—the so-called “F33-X2“—all out of LEGO. [MORE]

I Hope The Hero Factory’s Taking Notes

This Red Cog line of Bionicle / Hero Factory based action figures by FOL -B-D- would really set those systems on fire, in my humble opinion. Check it out and decide for yourself. [MORE]