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Look Who’s Throwing a Post-Apoc Bash

Thrashq4g of BrickWarriors uses this awesome minifig, the Post Apoc Shaman, to reveal a few of the new post-apocalyptic themed accessories the company’s cooked up for this season. [MORE]

The Race To Arm All Brick Warriors

Get ready AFOLville, because BrickWarriors has hit the scene in a big way. Now we can all get our hands on their unique goodies via their BrickLink Store. [MORE]

Does This Guy Go Commando?

exobrick demonstrates what the custom minifig game is all about. With some skilled combinations of Minifig.cat and Tiny Tactical third-party accessories (and a little snip-and-glue magic), this Commando has got it goin’ on. [MORE]

Brickworld 2011: An Ambiguously Appealing Accessory

Looks like fun little minifig accessories were aplenty at Brickworld 2011. Check out this cool little helmet as witnessed by Nannan Z. this past week. [MORE]

They Put The “Light” In Arealight

Arealight Customs just announced a new “color”…trans-clear!!! And not only is it going to be used in accessories, but also in its unique heads and torsos. Sorry, Mother Earth, but my plastic fetish just got a little more intense. [Cue the single teardrop.]