Sorry For The Downtime

On behalf of Ka-GO, I’d like to apologize for the unexplained pause in our posts for the past week. I know that the quickest way to kill a blog is to let it go for a while without updates. Rest assured, I ♥ this little blog of mine and fully intend to keep it thriving in the years to come, but I just need a few more days downtime to catch up with “real life”. There hasn’t been any crazy drama or anything like that. If you didn’t know, I’m a public high school teacher here in the California Bay Area, and school just started up again last week. I started in a brand new school this year, so I just need to get my bearings. Couple all of that with my beautiful four-month-old baby boy, and it’s pretty easy to imagine why I’ve had to lead a pretty LEGO-less existence these past few weeks. I will resume again really soon with a review of a really helpful iOS app for the iPhone and iPad that comes in pretty handy for the minifig obsessed FOL; a few lucky readers will even be able to download the paid app for FREE. Just a few more days…good things come to those who wait.

You are awesome. I hope you miss reading Ka-GO as much as I miss updating it. Please don’t count us out just yet.

ka.legoAFOL / Ka-GO Editor

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