I’m Up to Something.

Ka-GO is now Brick Something...

As you might have noticed, the times they are a changing. The blog formerly known as Ka-GO shall henceforth be known as Brick Something and all interweb traffic once pointed to www.ka-go.net should now be directed over here at www.bricksomething.com. So say we all. “Why?” you ask?

Well, the less-exciting first reason behind this decision is my need to make up for the fact that I didn’t do a whole lot of planning when I launched the site to begin with. Originally I didn’t do too much thinking about the name “Ka-GO“…I just sort of threw it together knowing I couldn’t use the word “LEGO” but wanted it to somehow connect to my name of Flickr (ka.lego) which has some personal significance. Anyway, it’s become clear that the name is more confusing for people than it is helpful; it meant more to me than it did to others. Actually, most people even get flustered trying to figure out how to pronounce it, which normally I wouldn’t care about, but it gets awkward trying to tell people the name, the URL, etc. They just don’t get it, and really, it’s my own dang fault.

On a more serious note, here’s the other reason I made the change. For now, I’ll just say that it’s going to become a little more important to me that people can easily find my website over the next few months. I have a few little things I’d actually *like* more people to know about…some partnerships/collaborations, pet projects, etc. So yes…I’m up to something and hope that you’ll come back regularly to find out what.

Brick Something

As far as how I came up with the new name, I kept hearing, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!” As a result, I’ve decided to embrace the less-than-imaginative yet more-easily-understood tradition of calling any AFOL website or product that’s remotely LEGO-related “BRICK __________” where one does the whole game of filling in that blank with something…anything:

BrickForge, BrickArms, Brothers Brick, ReBrick, The Brick Blogger, Brick Command, TW Brick, Bricklandia, BrickMania, The Brick Show, etc. etc. etc.

So yeah…brick…something. Yeah, you know the punchline. I guess I’ve been taking notes from the keep-it-simple-stupid attitude of Apple’s “The New iPad” and have definitely gone the simply stupid route. I hope you at least chuckled. A little bit? Teeny? Anyway, you’re officially visiting at www.bricksomething.com, and thanks for your continued support.

Happy reading (and building).

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  1. June 30, 2012 - 4:18 pm | Permalink

    Good name, It will be easy to remember.

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