I ♥ Me Some Minifigs

I came across the released promo image of Series 7 Collectible Minifigs last night on Bart Willen‘s Flickr and was instantly giddy. I had to comment, “Wow. I actually want most of these!!! Even Flanders Knievel!!!” [Yes, I just quoted myself. The blogosphere is aflame.] I really do think that these collectible minifigs just get better and better with each series. It seems like TLG’s taking notes from the success of the custom accessory folks and starting to design and produce unique elements that aren’t in existing sets. I mean, Series 1 featured some new pieces, but now we’re getting into alternative heads and lower bodies. Minifigs are truly evolving! Anyway, I was compelled to gather all the series promo shots as a single poster image because, well, I’m a big nerd. There’s a decently large 1130 x 2275 pixel version (PNG – 2.11MB) you can access after the jump that’s better than the one on my Flickr because of their yucky image compression; it’s not exactly “hi-res” because I had to go with the best images I could find, but enough to zoom in and see these in all their glory.

[ Click to Download Poster Image ]

Who knows where all of this is going. I will say this, I really wish we didn’t have to deal with the blindpack business. I’ve been pretty against the whole “collectible” thing since action figures got all crazy in the 90s. I’m more of the I-like-to-play-with-my-toys-and-think-they-should-be-affordable-for-kids school of thought. Sure, they’re only three bucks or whatever, but what if you’re a kid and you just want certain ones? Or you’re a mom in a store trying to get the one your kid wants? Us big kids sort of screwed it up for folks like this. I’d personally pay an extra dollar for these if they were packaged like action figures (or like Ninjago spinner packs) and I knew what I was getting. I’d probably even get more multiples than I already do just to get the pieces I want. I say ditch the blind packs.

Oh, while I’ve got you here listening to my rambling, what’s with people putting their ugly watermarks on these images as they “leak”. I get it if it’s TLG’s doing, because it’s their shizzzz, but when it’s someone else who wants the world to know they found the image early, well that’s just silly. It’s like a dog leaving its “watermark” on a hydrant…it just makes a mess and generally means nothing to anyone but other dogs who sniff for such nonsense. LEGO are visually beautiful, so please don’t go mucking it up. Two cents.

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