What Up G?

I really could just do a post on every single entry to FBTB’s Alphabet Fighter Contest, and not have to worry about finding any other cool / creative / mind-blowing MOCs to cover here for at least a month. Genghis Don (ThePaleMan9) posted his entry a few days ago, the rare G-Wing Fighter, which features an exaggeratedly bulbous trans-dome cockpit and an overall form that not only looks like a classic lowercase “g” with the fancier looped descender, but also reminds me of a classic floating ghoul, ghost, or wraith. It has an anthropomorphized thing going on where the dome is like the face/head, the wings are like the outstretched, forward-pointing arms, and the body sort of ends at a point where the feet would beā€¦like the ghoul’s shrouds or misty body ending at a single point. So yeah, “G” could stand for “Ghost” or “Ghoul”, I guess. Yet another fine ship for this highly competitive contest.

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