Welcome To The Jungle. We Got Fun ‘N’ Games…

The above image reveals just a slice of the superb vignette ORRANGE STAHL has created to give the video game Killzone 3 the LEGO treatment. The scene chronicles the adventures of Sev in the Kaznan Jungle desperately trying to re-establish a connection with Earth. In all honesty, I’ve never played any of the Killzone games, but that’s not keeping me from recognizing the skilled building ORRANGE’s got going on here. The mostly “sideways” platform is great, especially its clever flora—there’s some pretty great NPU in those black mushrooms, vines, and other plant life. Then there’s those minifigs. Whoa. And last, but certainly not least, is that cool alien grasshopper-looking mech thingy. The detail in the head, neck, and “shoulders” is reminiscent of the designs of the Transformers in Michael Bay’s films. Anyway, if you want to see the full image, click the image above. To see a few of ORRANGE’s other Killzone MOCs and related artwork, check out the full Flickr set.

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