I can’t believe I’ve missed the coverage of Nantes Utopiales, a pretty amazing French Sci-fi convention that apparently had an impressive LEGO exhibit. Chances are I’m the only one and this is all old news to other AFOLs but, when I first came across the show’s MOCs on Clemaul’s Utopiales 2012 Flickr Set, I was quickly impressed by how unique the models were. Some remind me of retro ships inspired by the old Buck Rogers serials, while others seem to be more aligned with something from a classic Ridley Scott film or Moebius comic. And there’s tons of more common pop cultural references in there as well, including an amazing mech from the video game “Killzone” and a pretty impressive Hoth display. So forgive me if I’m late to the party, but, in my humble opinion, this stuff is so good that it’s worth seeing even if it’s a repeat viewing.

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