This Time Loki’s Goin’ in with Bigger Guns

Okay, so Loki’s a “god” right? You’d think he would’ve planned that whole invasion attempt a little better, but hey, one man’s “god” is another man’s “alien”, right? Not all-knowing after all, this Asgardian made a few miscalculations, but he’s learned his lesson and is coming back for more with this MXSC-R1 Pillar of Doom vehicle in tow. Builder Yuri Fassio might have built something that’s Hulk-proof here. (Not really, but let’s go with it.) This thing is massive!!! It’s armed to the teeth and comes with a small troupe of mechs that seem to have the tactical worth of the entire Chitauri army. Click through the image above to see a ton of great photos of this thing over at MOCpages or check out a video of it on Flickr.

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    Thanks, it’s an honor.

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