This “Stargate” MOC Makes The Show Look Good

Call me a hater, but while the original “Stargate” film captured my imagination, the television series sorta beat the concept to death…”imho” and all that. So when I say that this MOC by legomocs makes the franchise appealing to me, I’m sorta saying a lot about the quality of this custom set. The most impressive is definitely the Stargate itself. It’s so tight and perfect that it makes building a round shape in LEGO seem like child’s play. Honestly, I still can’t completely figure out how this was done. The cartouche’s are also pretty clever, with their use of the minifig hands and translucent orange piece. Again, it’s pretty good when I can’t figure out which piece legomocs is actually using. I hope this gets expanded to include some context for where this is taking place. A temple? A military base? I think some well-used Pharaoh’s Quest pieces would be hawt. Hmm…did this thing just get me thinking about the feasability of a Stargate theme in LEGO? Now that’s a sure sign of its greatness, if there ever was one.

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