The Horned King

Beware the The Horned King, whose dark shroud must surely be concealing something wicked. That’s the beauty of a good dramatic cape really…to create a certain level of anxiety about what weapons or powerful armor a warrior may have at the ready. This figure really shows the power of that tension, at least from the perspective of a character portrait. Aside from the practical considerations such an outfit might afford in the real world, I have to give it up to Morgan190 for this reversed-cape technique he’s pioneered in the play world of LEGO. I believe he uses borrowed capes from Playmobil and modifies them a bit. Last year’s Halloween Calendar featured the Grey Veil figure which used a similar technique that I thought was pretty exciting. This year, The Horned King‘s cape works perfectly along with the slightly concealed Voldemort head, the cool modified helmet, and chunky shoulder armor to create a truly impending character. Can’t fail to mention those oversized hands…once again slightly out of view behind the massive cape to really mess with your head. But really though, the cape looks so much better than any cloth option, in my opinion. If TLG were to start manufacturing pieces like this, I think it would add all sorts of fun dimensions of play. They seem to have tried a combination solution with the Magnaguards which I felt was a pretty cool innovation, but this could be taken to a whole other level. For now, if we want this level of cool, we’ll all just have to get crafty and display our figs in the digital realm, Morgan190 style.

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