Suit Up – Part 2

Never one to be outdone, Tony Stark couldn’t let Ol’ Man Rogers have all the LEGO fun. Continuing with the epic superhero-gets-suited-up-for-action-in-a-box theme, Choisanghun graces us with this beautiful vignette…interactive display, really. In IRON MAN gantry machine vol.2 (photographed by stick_kim), Iron Man is technically getting out of his armor via his balcony runway. Choisanghun has managed to create an interactive piece that demonstrates how Iron Man goes back to being Tony Stark with every step. Please note that the image above only shows the creation from one stage in the “undressing” (un-ironing…de-armoring…dis-armoring…whatever) phase. There are plenty of other photos that show the process step-by-step, including one that reveals how it’s all put together, so be sure to click it to check out how ingenious this thing is. No really…genius! Worthy of Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Henry Pym, Hank McCoy, Peter Parker, or even Mister Fantastic himself, Reed Richards.

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