Showing Baby Cthulhu the Ropes

Imagine™‘s Cthulhu is pretty amazing, but the new baby one? As if yesterday’s Baby Jabberwock wasn’t enough, now we’ve got an infant/toddler Lovecraftian monster escaping the lost city of R’lyeh to hang out with brunette minifigs. The scene above, “Cthulhu Bite finds Daddy“, depicts these two lime green beasts of fear being reunited in an oddly touching way. Both creatures are exquisitely built and are a good break from the more technology-based MOCs—mechs, walkers, harduits—that tend to dominate the humanoid-shaped model landscape. The larger Cthulhu is featured in another vignette that is under consideration for the Rebrick Building Challenge; I recommend “Like”-ing it to help its chances. And if you’d like to see all of Imagine™’s Cthulhu MOCs, click here.

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