Saturday Morning On My Mind

During my absence from the brick blogosphere, I’ve actually been able to get back to enjoying a little bit of building. (After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?!?) Here’s my pulpy-retro-sci-fi-slash-fantasy theme that’s a throwback to the Saturday morning cartoons of my youth. I dorkily call it The Adventures of Brick Rogers: The Galactic Girl from the 5th Cenury AE.

If you’re old like me, you probably remember a time when Saturday morning television brought us high adventure, science-fiction, fantastic heroes, and some really fun or otherwise weird stuff, one half-hour at a time. Sure, there’s still cool kids’ programming on some channels, but back in the day, Saturday morning cartoons were on every major network, and they competed with one another by picking up all sorts of cool new shows every season. My favorites were the quirky adventure-based ones I saw from the generation before mine, like Thundarr the Barbarian, Jonny Quest, and The Herculoids…all part of the mighty Hanna-Barbera empire that I was lucky enough to see in reruns. But I was also into the stuff from my actual decade that were filled with imaginative, adventure-filled concepts like Captain N, Blackstar, Ruby Spears’ Superman, Bravestarr, and even neat live-action stuff like Captain Power. My generation loved its cartoons so much, we even had cool ones on weekday afternoons like Thundercats, Silverhawks, Voltron, and the epic that was Robotech.

Click on the thumbnails to see larger images of Brick and the rest of the Crew. I guess Brick Rogers is my attempt to bring back the no-idea-is-too-cheesy-so-long-as-it’s-got-equal-parts-cool-and-fun attitude of yesteryear’s kids programming to the LEGO hobby. For even more images, visit the ever-evolving set of photos on my Flickr stream. For giggles, I created a LEGO CUUSOO Project for the theme. Support if you are so inclined. Huzzah!

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