Now Witness The Firepower Of This Fully Armed And Operational Battle [Tank]

Oh crap… Perhaps the rise of Skynet will come in the form of LEGO Mindstorms NXT machines, and gods help us, because the cool Brad Fiedel “Terminator” score has been replaced with craptacular lily-light jazz. But don’t let the Carlton-dance-inducing soundtrack fool you, this tank by Martijn Hellemans is equipped like none other:

  • Driven via PlayStation controllers
  • Laser crosshair for pinpoint targetting
  • Precise fraction aiming
  • Top-loaded, fully-automatic, high-powered brick cannon
  • 360° maneuvering and cannon rotation
  • Near 90° cannon lift (not that you’d want 90° anyway
  • Lights for night operations
  • Independent suspension to handle all sorts of terrain (just not in reverse)
  • Cruise control…yes, cruise control
  • And more…

Be afraid, arrogant sacks of flesh.

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