Now That’s Just Too Darn Cute

“It’s like taking a car ride and a walk at the same time. This model features combination treat and water dispensers as well as a fecal collection canister in the rear of the mech.” How’s that for a photo description? In my humble opinion, Legohaulic is really flirting with genius with this little MOC. The “Walkies” Mech gracefully blends its off-kilter humor with some cleverly economical building. Not to belabor the point, but I keep thinking of it as a WALL-E-meets-Miyazaki clash of brilliance in terms of its overall aesthetic and the sheer confidence it exudes via its unique brand of whimsy. (Sorry…I get wordy when I’m impressed.) Some key points of interest:

  • The railing that surrounds the pups is great.
  • The treadmill, besides being super fun, adds some fantastic texture and detail.
  • The round bricks used for the legs create a cool “chubby tech” vibe, topped off by some great decal use.
  • The description, as quoted above, is proof that this builder’s quick wit goes well beyond the bricks.

A friend who works in animation once said that he judges his concept designs by how much character information a viewer can pick up on beyond visual characteristics. It’s amazing to me how this MOC’s overall design and pose in these simple photos conveys so much about how it might actually move and sound. Whirrrr…bzzzt…pssssh…ARF ARF!!!

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