Not Exactly What Ole Kirk Had In Mind

From the oh-so-dark, reformed Cthulu mind of today’s apparent featured AFOL, Karf Oohlu, comes this grim scene of a deadly assassin minifig, The Red Hand, in mid-kill. Sorry for the not-safe-for-kids nature of this post, but I suppose that’s the “A” in AFOL. Remember, if you pronounce it like “aye-foal”, it rhymes with…yeah. Or you might say “aww-foal”, in which case it’s “awful”. Tomato / tomato. Either way, if this surprises or offends you…doh. I was just sending Karf a link to the interview about his AFV on Flickr when I noticed he uploaded this goodie a few hours ago. Couldn’t resist. All semi-graphic depictions of violence aside, there’s some clever stuff happening here. Wonder how much minifig gold The Red Hand got for this gig. Anyway, this is definitely not what Ole Kirk meant by “leg godt”, but I also doubt he’d imagined a 34-year-old guy like me writing about his creations on a thing called “The Internet”. So there.

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