Neo-Classic Space: In Search Of Uranium

There seems to be a bunch of standout Neo-Classic Space MOCs popping up in AFOLville these days, such as cjedwards47‘s redux of the Uranium Search Vehicle based on the original 6928. If you’re familiar with the 1984 version (or just clicked the previous link), you’ll see that this is a proper homage while at the same time addressing a much needed update. cjedwards47 has managed to take this thing into a form factor similar to the recent Earth Defense HQ (7066), which I’ve always felt was a bit of a throwback nod to the Classic Space theme anyhow. All references to existing sets aside, this MOC is superb. The things that stick out to me are the ladder scaffolding that runs alongside the cockpit, the fancy searchlights, and the giant uranium sensors. Stay tuned this week for more Neo-Classic MOCs that demand the attention of your eyeballs.

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