Neo-Classic Space: A Mobile Mega Research Lab

The Neo-Classic Space Revival seems to be in full swing. (Actually, it’s not a new phenomenon, considering the Neo Classic Flickr Group‘s been around for years.) Wayne Hussey, one of the main organizers of Brickcon, displayed this fantastic mega-MOC at the Seattle convention earlier this month. Unfortunately, I couldn’t track down an online collection of his work, so please click here to see a wider shot of this gigantic lab (so much so it didn’t fit in the image above…heh) on Chris Christian‘s gallery of the event. (Oh, and thanks to rabidnovaracer for the image above and the video after the jump.)

If you’re curious what happens to a great MOC like this after its been properly displayed, check out the following video of the lab’s unfortunate fate at Brickcon:

Now that you’re done wiping the tears from your eyes, here’s audio from LAMLradio of the builder talking about Brickcon after all was said and done…well, I suppose all wasn’t said…

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