More Than Meets The Eye

The most recent issue of Hispabricks Magazine features a great article on one of the most talented builders I’ve ever come across, Orion Pax. It reminded me of his great versions of Transformers, all of which I’m always eager to show my non-AFOL geek friends. The usual response is disbelief: “That’s not LEGO.” Heh. “More than meets the eye,” indeed. I understand the reaction, because these models are damn good; they really don’t look all that different from those old Hasbro toys. Oh…did I mention that some of them actually “transform”? If you’ve already seen these, maybe it’s time you had a second (or third or ninety-ninth) look, because there’s just so much to learn from these. Use the handy links after below to take you to specific ‘bots.

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