Mecha Madness II: Day Seven

Mecha Madness II: Hardsuits finished two weeks ago, so pardon the egg on my face for keeping this loose end, well, loose. We almost didn’t have a Day Seven, but thanks to Knobby Plastic and Tony Knaak, the challenge ended with style. To view the gallery the final day’s hardsuits, check out the list below. Just click the first link on each line to see the work here or, If you’re so inclined, use the “Flickr” links to view them in their respective creators’ photostream.

  1. Day Seven Hardsuit by Knobby Plastic [Flickr]
  2. Day Seven Hardsuit 1 by Tony Knaak [Flickr]
  3. Day Seven Hardsuit 2 by Tony Knaak [Flickr]
  4. Day Seven Hardsuit 3 by Tony Knaak [Flickr]
  5. Day Seven Hardsuit 4 by Tony Knaak [Flickr]

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