Me Likey These Middle-earth Minifigs

Leave it to a FOL named 6footFour to include a halfling in this set of really cool Middle-earth minifigs. The Overlord and his Hobbit Shieldbearer make a really cool pair of purist figs straight out of the world of Tolkien’s masterworks, The Lord of The Rings and related novels. Yes, my language is getting repetitive, but it’s all to emphasize that these are really cool!!! The Shieldbearer makes perfect use of the short legs, Pirates of the Caribbean torso, and the newish mini-dagger. The Overlord looks…well…awesome; that arm / torso / leg combo is both theme-appropriate while achieving a fun color palette that doesn’t look corny. Badass-in-yellow, anyone? These are remarkably well done in terms of the mix ‘n’ match. With the excitement building over the new Peter Jackson “The Hobbit” film which is finally in production as I type this, I’m one of many AFOLs hoping we will be seeing many in-universe MOCs on the horizon as well as [fingers crossed] an official licensed theme. Dare to dream…Tolkien did, and we’re all benefitting from it.

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