Masked Crusaders Working Overtime…

Does the phrase “Mobile Armored Strike Kommand” mean anything to you? No, it’s not a reactionary Apartheid or Nazi Skinhead military force, silly, but rather a pretty fun 80s toy commercial cartoon called “M.A.S.K.” which seems to be the latest source of inspiration for Orion Pax‘s MOCs. This talented AFOL is the same who’s given us fantastic brick homages to “Tranformers“, “Breaking Bad“, and several other great touchstones from my TV’d life. “M.A.S.K.” was basically an 80s serial cartoon used to advertise toy vehicles that transformed into…well…other vehicles—cars would turn into plane-like thingies, jeeps got all boat-y, motorcycles would helicopterize, etc. Oh, and the characters wore “masks” / helmets that gave them these powers of transformation. Yeah, not big on story. It was the 80s. Anyway, pictured above is Orion’s take on the M.A.S.K. Covercraft along with his Thunderhawk and Condor, both of which transform.

Orion’s work is definitely thorough, not to mention cleverly faithful to the source material. It’s definitely a skill to be able to take an existing, “real-world” design and capture it so accurately. But then to extend that and make several MOCs within a given toy line or universe and make sure they’re to scale with one another and transformable? Well, that’s just genius, ain’t it? To see more of these creations, visit the links above or click here to see all of his M.A.S.K. creations. For the unfamiliar, here are a few YouTube gems to get you up to speed…

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