It’s Just a Tool

If you’ve been following Ka-GO, you know that we’re no stranger to digital image manipulation and wholeheartedly support the use of digital tools for MOC photo enhancement, digital minifig customization, and more. The way I look at it, it’s just a tool which can be used to make things both better or worse. There are a few FOLs out there doing some great things with this tool, and I include FateHeart among them. This set of digitally painted and decaled mecha from an image entitled “United Earth Federation – Colour Variations (Batch 1)” shows off how the tool can be used quite skillfully. The first mech above was originally red, but was given a new purplish paint job to depict a pretty cool bot that I find pretty unique and exciting. The second above was originally brown, but was given the shark treatment, including special teeth markings that really bring this thing to life. Clearly, I’m no purist, and frankly I feel like that mentality, when enforced strictly, keeps us from some amazing possibilities. I’d much rather see some amazing enhancements like the ones above to push this hobby forward into new directions.

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