It’s Harder Than You Think

Bummer. I really wanted to try my hand at building some hardsuits for The Slushey One‘s recently covered Mecha Madness II building challenge, but my non-LEGO life’s just not being as flexible as I would’ve liked. So, to offer some sort of support for this week’s fun community-building event, I’m going to use Ka-GO to lend some shine to the participants’ work as well as to some hardsuits of the past that you may or may not be familiar with. Since the fun’s just starting today, click the image above to access a gallery of some of my favorite hardsuit MOCs of all time, shown in no particular order. I’m by no means the hardcore I’ve-seen-it-all sort of AFOL, so please point me towards ones I’ve missed by commenting or emailing. After the jump, you can access a complete list of the suits with links to their respective creators.

  1. Pylon Suit (riot variant mk I)” by The Slushey One
  2. Exo Suit” by Legoloverman
  3. Armor unit_A.12 ” by Ironsniper
  4. Iron Man Hard Suit” by Horace Cheng
  5. Enhanced Guard Gear” by Kwi-chang (Brickshelf / Flickr)
  6. Warpig Heavy Battlesuit” by Lord Dane
  7. TER-03 Exploration Hardsuit” by pyreƒyre
  8. Hawkeye2 ” by mondayn00dle
  9. WhiteGoose” by Pete Corp
  10. SH0-6UN Class Mech” by Âtin

If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out the LEGO Hardsuits Flickr Group, a great place to check out some fantastic hardsuit MOCs. Still kicking myself for not finishing anything for this challenge, but c’est la vie. Believe me, I spent a good hour, but in all seriousness, building a good hardsuit is harder than you’d think.

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