I’m Dreaming of a White…Uh-Oh.

Yup, today is my personal introduction to the work of Isaiah.S, so let’s check out some of his other fantastic (pun intended) work, shall we? This…thing…is…cree…py…creepy! It’s the builder’s first attempt at “White Fantasy“, a play off of the Black Fantasy theme of nightmarish creatures and vignettes using nearly 100% black pieces. So yeah, here it is in white, and, despite the inverted color scheme, this thing is still straight out of your deepest, darkest fears. (If it doesn’t scare you, that’s a by-product of racist acculturation…chuckle…couldn’t resist.) The sort of lattice thing going on for the spine area is made up of those Ninjago skeleton arms, using the part’s bend and twisted clip connections to produce a natural looking twisted shape. It’s amazing. Just like with Black Fantasy creations, sometimes the tiniest break in the monochromatic color palette makes a world of difference. Here, it’s the tiny transparent blue hidden in the center of the “eye” piece through the hole of the radar dish’s stud. And those oversized hands? An impressive choice…they give this thing the subtle threat they need to drive the point home: Be afraid.

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  1. Arthur godward's Gravatar Arthur godward
    January 24, 2013 - 1:04 pm | Permalink

    I’m interested in the amazing Spider-Man figure is it available to buy yet ? If it is where can I get it from please .

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