If Psylocke Joined the “Star Trek” Rebooted Universe…

…she’d be flying something like this. Oh yes, that’s none other than the X-Men’s British-psychic-turned-Japanese-assassin, Betsy Braddock, all done up in minifig scale by madLEGOman. But that’s not all…she’s flying a tripped out sci-fi Psionic Glider that looks like something straight out of JJ Abrams’ “Star Trek” redux. The wings on this thing are truly out of this world and must be seen from the underside of this thing. (Click through the image above to see for yourself.) It’s such a cool building technique that really allows for a dramatic shape. This thing is just gorgeous. And here you thought Psylocke’s psi-blades were the most dangerous thing in her arsenal.

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