If Minifig Luke Killed This Guy, I’d Cry Too

Luke’s dungeon battle in Jabba’s Palace is definitely one of those warm, fuzzy memories from my childhood. Frankly, one has to wonder why TLG has yet to give us this scene in an official set. All licensed theme business decisions be damned, onosendai2600 has MOCed the Boushh outta this scene. Aptly titled “Rancor“, the brickwork on this is superb. Just take a look at the face. The nostrils, nose, and eyes are perfect, accomplished by some great use of small elements. This continues in the mouth. Check those teeth? I probably would’ve simply used those horns, but I love how onosendai2600 works in those round 1×1′s with the holes in the studs to give a little variety. Definitely click through the image above to see the different shots of this thing. There aren’t many, but you get a good sense of some of the great details going on here.

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