Gamma-Fueled Fighter Smashes More Than Sound Barrier

Do you remember when Bruce Banner and Tony Stark built this gamma-powered fighter for the big green guy to fly around and, well, smash into things? Well, who cares, because this thing is incredible? Aptly dubbed the Gamma Raider, this creation by zane_houston is the first vehicle I’ve seen built to the scale of the Hulk “minifigure” (maxifigure?), and I think it’s brilliant. (And I say that with zero irony. It’s cool!) The overall shape is perfect, and the “H” detailing is subtle enough not to be corny. This was built for FBTB’s “Wings of Justice” contest, which promises to turn out some great entries before it’s 11:59pm deadline tonight. With that said, I have to say that this highly-swooshable vehicle is so far my clear favorite.

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