Fantastic Fantasy Faction Figs (Part 2)

As mentioned yesterday, Baron von Brick has been hard at work crafting a LEGO fantasy-themed realm with a cast of characters that’s worthy of Tolkien. The resulting figs are so good that I just had to make room for them to be showcased here on Ka-GO. Introducing the Dark Dwarves, a motley crew of burly bearded guys who look like they’re jonesing for a fight. I really appreciate that even though there’s a ton of grrrrrrrrr-inducing edginess to these guys, there’s still a clear element of fun and whimsy that somehow manages to keep things just hairs away from silly territory. I mean, one dwarf has a braided beard and a pink mohawk, and yet I’m not quite laughing at him. This is a greally great use of parts that’s really fun to look at.

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