Enter Plastic Man…Built from Plastic Bricks

Instead of going a more obvious route for FBTB‘s Wings of Justice contest, graznador2 decided to build his airship for Gotham City’s caped crusader out of, well, another DC superhero. For those unfamiliar, Plastic Man has the ability to form his body into almost anything as if it were made of rubber. Wait…rubber? But isn’t his name…nevermind. Anyhow, in this scenario, DC supervillain Gorilla Grodd has used anti-technology ray to make Gotham City susceptible to his army of pterodactyl-riding super-apes, rendering the Batwing useless. Enter the Plas-Zeppelin to thwart the super-smart ape’s evil plans. I love unique approaches to a design brief, especially when they’re pulled off so technically well as this MOC. My only gripe is the bobble-head minifig…once again, nevermind.

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