Duel Of The Fates

Legoagogo just got his hands on the new Sith Infiltrator (7961) set and went to town with this fantastic vignette entitled “We’ll handle this…“. This MOC depicts what is, in my opinion, the only must see five minutes of the entire one hundred thirty-six that make up Episode I: The Phantom Menace. For context, check out this great scene edit by YouTube user JackHammer15.

Anyhow, Legoagogo‘s MOC shows off the new Darth Maul headpiece very well. From a normal frontal view of the figure, there’s a slightly awkward break in the flow from the headpiece to the figure, making it look more like a crown that can be removed rather than the character’s head. The vignette’s posing of the figure not only makes Maul look badass, but also helps disguise that unfortunate little separation line. Either way, this is a fantastic figure utilized and shot excellently by Legoagogo. Click through to see the creator’s uncropped work and the full vignette featuring this criminally underutilized Sith warrior character.

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