Don’t Wanna Be An American Idiot

Yes, I’m old…old enough to remember listening to a cassette copy of Green Day‘s Sweet Children while working on my punk rock / hardcore fanzine in 1991, and later buying Kerplunk on 12″—or as it’s more commonly referred to now as “vinyl”—while the band was still releasing stuff on Lookout! Records. I love this band, despite many of my old fogey punk rock friends’ declaration that the band “sold out” and poo-poo their signing to a major label. In my opinion, the band showed that major labels could be useful and even eclipsed their punk rock / pop punk days during the period of American Idiot, when they channeled their Gilman St. political roots to try and snap their huge major label derived fan base out of a post-911 malaise. Fittingly, this period in the band’s life saw an embrace of an even older punk rock tradition of appropriating fashion to provide a striking visual, giving the band what has so far become their “signature” look, as depicted here in LEGO by *|dan|*. If you’re not familiar, meet Green Day‘s “frontman”, Billie Joe Armstrong, who’s often commented that their decision to get all spiffy was largely inspired by The Clash. This custom minifig is pretty spot on, though we need a minifig face with proper eyeliner, “guyliner”, or as its lovingly referred to in the Bay Area scene, “AFI-liner”. (Still makes me chuckle after all these years.) Be sure to click through the image above to see more of *|dan|*‘s minifig musicians.

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